About Us

What makes Rapid Rehab “the patient’s choice?” 

We are committed to delivering the best possible result for each patient with the fewest visits in a caring and professional environment.   This is achieved by developing an individualized treatment plan after a careful and detailed evaluation.   Rapid Rehab provides continuing education so the staff stays abreast of the newest research and treatments available.

Who is Rapid Rehabilitation?   

Rapid Rehab is a private physical therapy practice with locations in Front Royal and Winchester, VA.  Known for a variety of specialties and exemplary service, Rapid Rehab physical therapists pride themselves in offering expertise in the spine and other musculoskeletal disorders.  We deliver hands-on orthopedic physical therapy based on the newest research to achieve the best results for patients with bad backs, achy joints, muscle strains, and work injuries.  In addition to more traditional PT services for musculoskeletal disorders, Rapid Rehab offers specialty programs that address lymphedema, the side effects from lifesaving breast cancer treatments, osteoporosis, women’s health (urinary incontinence, pelvic pain), vestibular/dizziness and neuropathy.  Along the way, the Rapid Rehab family has fun and develops a caring relationship with their patients (and their kids, their pets, their in-laws, and neighbors….).


RR Vision:  Our team of Physical therapists will demonstrate exemplary service and integrity and become the practitioners of choice in the management of musculoskeletal disorders.