Limited Motion and Scarring

Limited movement also leads to tightness within tissues.  Most women following breast surgery, to various extents, adjust to changes in their body images.  This typically results in a slight forward movement of the shoulders and neck.  This rounded shoulder and forward head posture is self-perpetuating and does not respond unless specific exercises are performed.  Standing up straight is not merely a matter of listening to that voice in your head that says “stand up straight”.  Your body assumes the posture the anatomy dictates.   Unless certain tissues are elongated and other structures strengthened optimal posture is not possible.  Posture is a combination of intention and anatomy.

Most women following breast surgeries don’t use the arm on the affected side to the extent they did pre-operatively.  This may be related to uninformed advice following surgery, fear of movement, pain or fear of pain, or fear of developing lymphedema or swelling within the arm or chest.   Limited movement leads to a general tightening of soft tissues.  Unless soft tissues are moved the fibers that make up those tissues degenerate from being parallel, layered and sliding back and forth to a tissue made of tangle fibers which don’t move as well.