LSVT BIG – New breakthrough for patients with Parkinson’s disease

  • Empowers people with PD with their potential to improve!
  • Lifelong habit to practice, as intensive practice is important for plasticity (movement ability)
  • Delivered 1 on 1 by a certified LSVT BIG Physical or Occupational therapist

Several research articles have shown that LSVT BIG participants walk faster with bigger steps, decrease their fall risk and fear of falling, increase their trunk rotation, and improve their independence with daily activities.LSVT


Essential Concepts of the program

  • Target AmplitudeLSVT1

Bigger movements to take into the real world and every day activities

Faster walking with bigger steps

Improved balance

  • Task Specific

Fits into people’s everyday living

Patient specific goals they want addressed

Trains in dual and complex tasks


  • Sensory CalibrationLSVT2

Develops awareness that current motions are slow and small. Only then can they be changed!

Encourages the change to larger, faster movements

  • High Effort

Increases brain activation

Need to over-ride bradykinesia (slow movement) and hypokinesia (decreased body movement) which are two main motor symptoms of PD

Resets brain to what is considered “normal movement”

  • IntensityLSVT3

Intensive treatment of 4 consecutive visits per week for 4 weeks, total of 16 sessions

One hour visits for maximum results

Daily at-home exercises to help carry-over motions and habits

  • Quantification

Standard program that can then be individualized to specific patient needs

Patient motivated and with feedback greatly encouraged

Objective measures to document improvement

Practice until you can’t get it wrong!