Helpful Links

Partners in Education, Research, & Practice
The One Thing You Need for PT Practice!

American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists
The AAOMPT promotes excellence in orthopaedic manual physical therapy practice, education and research

American Physical Therapy Association
Learn about Physical Therapist practice and up coming education/events.

Anatomy on The Net
Additional Links specifically to anatomy on the net.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Learn about quality improvement and clinical information regarding outcomes and best practice.

APTA Hooked on Evidence
The Hooked on Evidence Website represents a “grassroots” effort to develop a database containing current research eveidence on the effectiveness of physical therapy interventions.

APTA’s Open Door
Open Door will provide members with easy access to journals and other resources relevant to clinical practice whenever and wherever they need it.

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
Contains Evidence Based Medicine glossary of terms and much more EBM info.

Cochrane Back Review Group
One of 50 groups working to obtain the best evidence for effective healthcare.

Cochrane Library
The best single source of reliable evidence about the effects of healthcare.

Free Public Medline
Searchable index of the National Library of Medicine.

Joint Commission Assistance Healthcare Consulting Organization (JCAHO)
Performance Reports on accredited healthcare organization.

Information portal for news and information on Orthopaedics.

National Institute of Environmental Health Services
Searchable index and publication requesting for various medical journals.

National Patient Safety Foundation
Dedicated to measurably improving patient safety in the delivery of health care.

Orthopaedic Research Institute, Inc.
Nonprofit academic-oriented, offering contract services for R&D.

Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro)
Developed to give rapid access to bibliographic details and abstracts in Physiotherapy.