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Welcome to our new website! This site has been designed to enhance our ability to serve our patients by communicating important information about our different services, and sharing physical therapy news. Have a look around, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have been a patient at Rapid Rehab over the past 3 years. Aging has brought notifications from different parts of my body – which complain from time to time. Dr. Barber and the whole staff at Rapid Rehab not only address the immediate complaint/pain after a complete evaluation – but also have empowered me to understand the mechanics of my body and what is causing the problem. They have given me home exercises that I can do to maintain and/or address a former problem if it occurs again.

  2. From the first moment I phoned to make an appointment to the last second of the last appointment that I had at Rapid Rehab I was met with kind, caring and knowledgeable people.
    Every single person went out of their way to find an answer to any question I ever had whether it was insurance, exercise, equipment, outcome of therapy, prescription for physical therapy from my physician or even to just ask me “how was your weekend?”
    They were great teachers, mentors and friends. I cannot recommend any other place as highly as I can recommend Rapid Rehabilitation! Thanks Rapid Rehab!!!!

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