Priscilla Landers

After breast cancer and chemo I developed numbness and low back pain. I am now able to resume my quilting. I want to give a heartfelt thanks to the clinicians at Rapid Rehab for helping me this past year.

Tammy Hamilton

After a year of extreme foot pain Dr. Vincent referred me to Rapid Rehab. The care and diligence of the staff helped me greatly to reduce pain, improve strength and gain stability. My whole experience was overwhelmingly positive. I am back to exercising, walking my dog and running with Sunday School children. I am grateful and blessed to have ended up at Rapid Rehab.

Lorraine Nurko

I am so grateful that Dr. Grant referred me to Rapid Rehab for displacement of ear crystals. I received the professional care, solution and follow up I needed. After 3 visits my issue was resolved. I can tie my shoes again! I was given home exercises but know where to go should things flare up again. A satisfied patient!!!

Halif Jones

I would like to say thank you to the staff at Rapid Rehab. They were a huge part of my recovery process. Together we achieved my main goal of being able to return to work with proper techniques to avoid future injuries. They also helped me get back to the physical activities I enjoy with my kids.
Thank you Rapid Rehab!

Wendy K

The sessions/treatments I had with Rapid Rehab made such a huge difference in my recovery and quality of life. The physical therapist was so caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I appreciate all the hard work and effort the staff put in to each of my sessions. They go above and beyond for their clients.

Hope Miller

Working with the professionals at Rapid Rehab before my surgery to increase my strength and decrease inflammation made a huge difference in my recovery. Dr. Beamer worked with me post-op until I felt confident enough to return to hiking, running, and my adventurous lifestyle.

Ranelle Merrick

Life can be a real pain in the neck!
With farm chores, working full time and family needs my neck pain increased and numbness in my arms got worse. Thanks to Rapid Rehab I am getting back to the life I enjoy. They provided detailed instructions on my home exercises and what to do should the pain return. The staff was so kind and professional.
Thanks Rapid Rehabilitation for helping me get back to the life I love!

John Madera

I’ve had three rounds of therapy at Rapid Rehab for balance/strength, Parkinson’s symptoms and back pain. With each round my condition improved through treatment by the warm, friendly and knowledgeable staff at Rapid Rehab. I am biking again.

Bruce Monismith

I cannot say enough positive things about the clinicians at Rapid Rehab to properly describe my experience under their care. They are head and shoulders above the rest. They took the time to listen to what I had to say and treated me with kind, positive, encouraging and professional attitudes. I’ve returned to my active lifestyle with reduced pain!


I found Rapid Rehab to be very friendly, engaging, efficient and professional. I knew they were interested in me and my well-being. They addressed my issues and I made significant progress and am back to running.
Thank you!

Jane Biggs

I have dealt with TMJ for many years without any success. Dr. Subedi suggested dry needling at Rapid Rehab and I was so desperate I was ready to try anything.
The therapists not only treated the issues but was “there for me,” encouraging me and made me a believer that this could be conquered. Having had PT elsewhere for other issues – I can only say – NONE OTHER EVER CAME CLOSE!

Elisa Townsend

I am so appreciative of the therapists at Rapid Rehabilitation! My questions were answered and exercises were tailored for my dancing activities. I would definitely recommend Rapid Rehab to anyone looking for help and support on their road to recovery from a physical injury. Thank you again.


Dr. Beamer was amazing through the entire physical therapy process. She listened and talked directly with me about my symptoms and concerns instead of leaving me out of the conversation and just talking to my parents. She also carefully observed me and focused on my needs for school and my other activities. Dr. Beamer assisted in getting me better at my pace and she knew just how much to challenge me during the physical therapy sessions. Thank you for getting me back to the things I love. I was able to participate in the spring dance recital and was even able to go away for a 2-week academic summer camp at UVA!

Thank you, Rapid Rehab!


I have had significant back pain for the last two years. My chiropractor told me the pain was due to an extremely weak core and I would need physical therapy to improve it. Before beginning PT I decided to follow up with my OB regarding my diastasis recti and how it may be affecting my core. She felt surgery was my ONLY option, but agreed to let me try PT. I talked with the therapists at Rapid Rehab and they indicated that they felt PT could help and they would be happy to work with me.
After just a few months of therapy, I have NO back pain! My diastasis recti has gone from a 4 finger opening to a 1 finger opening. I am doing activities I haven’t been able to do in 2 years, with no pain! The great thing about Rapid Rehab is they meet you where you are and use various treatments to facilitate healing. They have also worked to release scar tissue. The exercises they have given me are healing my core and abdominal wall, not causing further strain and damage and I am able to continue this at home.
Thanks to the team at Rapid Rehab!

Meg Rogue

I had been training for months for a marathon in hopes of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Exactly one week before the race, my hip seized up. Walking was difficult and running was impossible. I limped into Rapid Rehab and the friendly staff fit me in that day. The doctor listened to my concerns and immediately made my goals her goals. These professionals worked with me every day. They were able to offer me a progressive treatment such as dry needling, soft tissue massage, exercises, stretches, education and ultrasound. One week later I ran the marathon and qualified for Boston!
I am very impressed with the level of care I received and I give the credit of my success to these professionals. I highly recommend Rapid Rehab, not only when an injury requires therapy, but also as preventive measure training. Learning to move correctly goes a very long way in injury prevention.

Peter Siemsen

Rapid Rehab was a perfect fit for me. Dr. Beamer explained the process and gave me homework (exercises) to do at my pace. At first I was limited to taking ½ swings and was forced to focus on just my putting and short game. After having done a full 8 weeks of therapy and homework exercises, I was able to take full swings and focus on tournament play again. Of the 5 tournaments I played in recently, I placed in the top five in 3 of them and won 1st place in one of the events.
A huge thank you to Michelle and everyone at Rapid Rehabilitation for your care and concern in getting all of us injured back to health!!

Phyllis Boden-Fish

After having pelvic reconstruction which resulted in many improvements to my condition, my general incontinence didn’t improve. At age 75, I thought it would be that way for the rest of my life. My doctor suggested therapy, which I hesitated to do. In fact, I didn’t make the appointment with Rapid Rehab for another month. Now I’m so glad I called!
I can now walk the entire grocery store without looking for the bathroom as soon as I get there. In addition, Rapid Rehab has helped me to understand my body better. I am aware of bladder irritants like soda, coffee, tomatoes, oranges, etc. and to avoid other irritants like tea. Also, my therapist trained me to stop holding my breath and other problematic behaviors I didn’t realize I was doing.
Rapid Rehab has helped to make my “Golden Years” a little more enjoyable.

Annette Resan

I was referred to Rapid Rehab with a diagnosis of “tennis elbow.” I was unable to straighten my right arm and found it very painful to do simple tasks like putting dishes away, driving and enjoying my hobbies. Even shaking hands was impossible. The physical therapists used multiple techniques and realized that there was a neck and shoulder issue connected to my elbow pain. They focused on strength training and increasing my range of motion. I learned that PT did not end when you walk out the clinic door but that the home exercise program, with their detailed directions, was a vital part of my recovery. Throughout my treatment I received exceptional individualized care with total team input. I found the staff to be professional, friendly, and welcoming. I am extremely grateful for Rapid Rehab. My elbow is back to normal and I am enjoying pain-free freedom to do the things I love.

Karen White

The minute you walk through the door you feel at ease. Everyone, from the receptionist who greets you by name to the therapist with their expertise, makes you feel welcome and you sense that they genuinely care. The Parkinson treatment has given me the volume I need so my husband can hear me and I don’t feel so alone because I know there is help out there. I would encourage anyone who needs physical therapy to come to Rapid Rehab.

Ms. Molloy

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia five years ago and have been seeing a specialist for debilitating pain, especially headaches. My doctor referred me to Rapid Rehab, her clinic of choice for fibromyalgia patients. Physical therapy has been a journey but now, three years later, I have seen so many positive changes! I no longer have to take medications for my headaches, can do my hair by myself, and it’s easier for me to write on the chalkboard at work. I can also do my hobbies again, like gardening and reading, with much less pain. The weekly sessions in the office keep me on track, and I am better able to manage my symptoms with the personalized exercise/stretching program they created for when I’m at home. I would like to thank the team at Rapid Rehab for all their help and encouragement with my treatment program!

Debbie Coughlin

After I completed my breast cancer surgery, reconstruction and radiation treatment, my arm and shoulder range of motion was next to nothing. I was referred to PT but instructed to go to one that was also certified in lymphedema treatment. My insurance rep and I researched and finally found Dr. Sherisue Barber at Rapid Rehab. Dr. Barber encouraged me when she told me I would have a full recovery. Dr. Barber and her staff were amazing and within a few weeks my range of motion was almost back to normal, something I thought would never happen.
The aftermath of recovery, what you are left with when the dust settles, is scary. Everyone was focused on saving my life, as they should be, but no one prepared me for what happens next. I can’t thank the staff at Rapid Rehab enough for my successful recovery and helping prevent lymphedema.

Lorey Bursey

I came to Rapid Rehab after a severe fall resulting in major knee, back and rib injuries. My knee was improving nicely, but it became evident that there was something else going on. My left shoulder was “semi-frozen” and painful when I raised it above chest level. Since I am a runner of 5K Trail Races, I needed to be back in top form after all of my injuries. Dr. Anna Dennis did fascial manipulation, and amazingly my shoulder was not only pain free, but within two sessions, I had full range of motion, including reaching overhead and touching my back. I was also able to turn my neck to see the traffic behind me when driving, which I could not do since my fall. A big thank you to all the staff at Rapid Rehab for bringing about a full recovery and especially to Dr. Dennis’ professional expertise that freed up my muscles and fascia.

Jeffrey Fincham

When I came to Rapid Rehab I couldn’t walk and I was in a lot of pain. Any movement was very difficult.  With the help of the rehab I received I feel that I’m 1000% better.  My quality of life has improved and I am able to do the normal things I was able to do before my problem with my hip and subsequent surgery.  The people at Rapid Rehab have treated me with compassion and care and have become like a family.  They have worked with me to get me back on track. Thank you Rapid Rehab.

Mechelle Cummings

I have been so fortunate to have Dr. Michelle Beamer and Rapid Rehab as a part of my health care team. For the past 14 years, whether treating an acute injury, surgical recovery or my chronic medical conditions, Michelle has helped me regain function, mobility and stamina. Because of these gains, my husband and I were able to take our grandson Rowan to Disney World!
Thanks Dr. Beamer and Rapid Rehab for making our dreams come true.

Jerry Waters

I came to Rapid Rehab with what I thought was a sprained ankle. After some rehab and an MRI my doctor told me “Jerry, you have a torn ligament and damaged patella, NOT GOOD.”
The upside to this story is I could not have been in a better place to receive help! With exercise and treatments, they have done wonders for me. The ReBuilder system has been a huge plus toward my recover. I’m happy to say I am doing much better.
The professionalism of the staff is obvious by the way they work with the clients. The quality of care the team at this facility provides the clients is unparalleled. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of these types of services.


When my physician informed me that I had to participate in aqua therapy I was not happy. I am not a water person, cannot swim, and do not like to get my head wet. I arrived a little anxious, but I got into the water and followed by therapist’s instructions.

It was wonderful! The water was warm, I could move without a lot of pain, and it made my muscles feel good. I was able to work out in the pool and not have the muscles aches that I normally would have when working out, even though at the end of the session I was tired. As a result of this I have noticed my muscles are stronger – which is a plus!

Arlene Nestle

Rapid Rehab did a phenomenal job for me.  My foot was so sore, with no flexibility and lots of pain when I started, despite various other medical treatments.  With muscle building and strengthening and all the good things they did for me here, I now have complete mobility and am ready to hit the trails once again.

Thank you, Thank you!


I may be eighty, but I have not yet hit my golden years! I am extremely active and very healthy. Imagine my shock when two years ago, I suddenly developed an overactive bladder and went from using a liner to a pad to Poise. We tried multiple medications which not only did not work but had awful side effects. My Urologist suggested biofeedback treatment at Rapid Rehabilitation.
I have only had seven visits, and I’m delighted. I am almost 80% improved. I no longer need to get up in the middle of the night and daily accidents only occur if I wait too long to go to the bathroom. My only remaining problem is high reaching and moderately heavy lifting. I am confident that this will also improve. Anyone with my problem should definitely try Rapid Rehabilitation. It is wonderful to not need to locate the ladies room every time I enter a strange building.

Edward Hillyard

Dr. Barber and the team at Rapid Rehab assessed my needs of immobility and paid careful attention to everything that I told them I needed help with. They allowed me to have a voice in my therapy. They worked with me in a caring manner at my own pace and encouraged me the whole time. When I started, I needed their help getting on and off of equipment. But after one month, I am now able to get on and off by myself. They have been an amazing team to give me my life back. With their dedication and gentle assistance, they have helped me regain the strength that I needed to do things on my own again without the assistance of family. They have given me my sense of independence back. For that, I will be forever grateful and for their encouraging words and their caring and positive attitude with me.

Allison O’Brien

Before PT I hobbled and limped through my day. Now I go about my day, pain-free thanks to Dr. Beamer and staff at Rapid Rehab. In October 2017, after a year of overwhelming and debilitating pain in my feet, I finally took myself to the podiatrist with a severe case of plantar fasciitis in both feet. After one failed cortisone shot and an honest assessment from my podiatrist stating that physical therapy may be my only hope in recovery, I found Rapid Rehab. I committed to going to therapy three times a week and incorporated some at home stretching as well. Now, just a few months later, I am a new woman; a 45-year-old woman who doesn’t hobble and limp along through my days; a woman who is able to once again take walks around the neighborhood with her husband and go to the gym and take yoga classes; a woman who can get out of the car and not need her 13-year-old son to assist her in walking to the door; a woman who has been freed of the pain that was holding her back and is now able to go about her day focusing on what lies before her. I am so grateful to Dr. Beamer and the staff at Rapid Rehab. They are professional, kind, encouraging, informative, and dedicated to providing the best service to their clients as possible. Thank you for giving back to me what was once lost.

Edgar Lowe


Getting the right treatment at the right time is the most important thing anybody can do at my age (77). I have risk factors, so I was looking for solutions. When I found Rapid Rehabilitation I could not walk or stand without support and my balance would not allow me to navigate up or down stairs. During my first visit with Rapid Rehab, they reviewed my medical history before beginning treatment. The staff was personal and very helpful with treatments and services performed. After a short period of time, instruction on eating habits, and exercise, I begin to walk without much help.
After more advice and recommendations on lifestyle and exercise at the right intensity, I started standing alone. Now three months later, I can go up and down stairs. I can even walk a city block without much trouble. Rapid Rehab staff provided exercise programs to follow with instruction and guidelines. The treatment I received helped me to get my life back.
I am very thankful

Karen Burke

After getting a referral to Rapid Rehab for leg and lower back pain in June 2017, the team aided me in my pre and post spinal fusion surgery; from evaluation to a referral for surgery; through pain, apprehension, tears, success and many laughs. The caring and friendly team, including a warm welcoming smile every day by the receptionist, supported me in my recovery from major surgery.  I was taught how to maintain leg, back, and core strength as well as proper techniques to minimize further insult to the adjoining discs in my spine. The team also taught me adaptive ways to minimize knee pain. I am pleased to say I graduated from Rapid Rehab in June 2018 and would not hesitate to recommend their services to my family and friends.


I am so glad to have Rapid Rehabilitation in my life. I went from having people hold me while I was walking, to being able to play sports again.  I have had pain and struggles but I pushed through that.  It feels good to be active and back to sports.  I just want to give a big thanks to Rapid Rehab for being the biggest factor of my healing process.

Ranelle Merrick

When I started suffering from neck pain, my daily routine got harder and harder to do. While trying to keep up with my farm chores, working full time and babysitting my new grandson, the pain increased and the numbness in my arms got worse.

I came to Rapid Rehabilitation in hopes of getting back the life I once enjoyed.  All the staff was so kind and professional.   I was provided with the all-important home exercise program of stretches and strengthening exercises I needed. They made sure that I was preforming them correctly and what to do if the pain got worse or returned

Thanks to Rapid Rehabilitation for helping me get back to the life I love!

Craig Kleman

My name is and I am 57 years old. I came to RR because I was diagnosed with lymphedema in my legs. I had no energy and was in extreme pain.  I could not even walk through the mall without having to stop and rest. Now, after six months of treatment, the swelling in my legs has gone down and I feel fantastic!    I am more energetic and feel so good that I began walking for exercise, which I was previously unable to do because of pain and stiffness.  As a result I have lost 32 pounds! I can now play with my kids and do the things I love.  The entire staff at Rapid Rehab has been wonderful and I would highly recommend them to anyone.  They are fantastic and caring professionals!

Katelyn Thompson

I completely tore my ACL and partially tore my meniscus while playing in one of my last travel soccer games. It was devastating news considering this is my senior year. Since having surgery in November, I’ve religiously gone to physical therapy so that I can start playing soccer again. I have been amazed at my progress, from using crutches and a brace to walking and running freely. My first three months were incredibly tough, but now I’m very close to playing soccer again. The physical therapy I received and all the hard work has made this all possible.

Catherine Whitmore

CWhitmoreJohnathan had a stroke at birth causing hemiparesis on his right side. In the sixth grade, he wanted to play football, so we brought him to Rapid Rehabilitation. Johnathan made huge mobility improvements within weeks. He was able to play football! He continued therapy with enthusiasm at Rapid Rehab until he was 18 years old. At age 21 he decided to be fitted for a range of motion brace, of which Dr. Beamer facilitated right away. He would not be as agile as he is nor as willing to continue his therapy if it weren’t for the care and education from Rapid Rehab.”

Gene Ullger

GUllger                      “To my Rapid Rehab ‘Team’,

Well, you’ve again shown me the way through one more daunting physical challenge. A total knee replacement was not a walk in the park by any means, particularly at the tender age of 70! After 8 weeks, I was about 80% recovered and ready to discontinue my cane and perform light duty yard work.

So kudos to you all! Competence, professionalism, empathy, and focus all apply to each and every one of you. I am grateful for the positive attitude and encouragement I received during those times I became discouraged.”

Thank You!!


Fran Simmons

FSimmons1When my rheumatologist recommended therapy, I must admit I was skeptical.  However, as a former patient, I would once again choose Rapid Rehab.  I met with Dr. Beamer to discuss my problems.  A plan of care was developed and I began working with Megan King, LPTA.  The first few sessions were difficult.  It sometimes seemed the pain was worsening.  With encouragement from Megan and Dr. Beamer, I continued my therapy.  Slowly I began to feel better and less tired. FSimmons2 In the weeks to follow, I regained my balance and strength.  Thanks to the excellent care that I received, I can once again do many things that I enjoy.  Crafts, working in my flower garden and long walks are now a pleasure.  I continue to have pain, but it’s less and better controlled.  Thanks to Dr. Beamer and Megan, I now know the proper exercises to continue to grow stronger and healthier.  Thank you so much for your help and for caring.      You truly have made my life much better.

Michael Mayl

 MMaylI am very thankful for all the physical therapists at Rapid Rehabilitation.  I had Achilles heel lengthening surgery and could not walk without crutches or a cane.  The therapists at Rapid Rehab put me back on my feet again with a variety of treatments such as SASTM, dry needling, and the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill.  The AlterG is a weight bearing treadmill that takes a percentage of your body weight off your feet and legs so it makes it easier for a person to learn how to walk or run again.  If it wasn’t for this piece of equipment and the excellent care given to me by the therapists at Rapid Rehab, it might have taken several more months to recover.


Lois2Lois1My name is Lois and I am 89 years old.  I had an issue with the crystals in my ears.  Having this problem made me very unsteady because of the dizziness.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that rehabilitation would help my ears.  Catie has made me a believer.  I am no longer dizzy, I walk straight and can work in my yard again.  I cannot thank her enough.  The staff at Rapid Rehab has always been kind and accommodating.

Janet Andrews

JAndrews      I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2001 and have also developed stage three arthritis in both of my knees.  In October of 2014 I had surgery for a torn meniscus.  I did pool rehab and everything else that was suggested but still walked with a limp and with a great deal of pain. 

      I was referred to Rapid Rehab and had PRRT treatments for my fibromyalgia and also used the Alter-G anti-gravity to rehab my knee.  I can actually run on it without pain.  This has completely changed my life – I am able to walk again.  Also, a wonderful side benefit is I am losing weight because for the first time I can actually run while using the Alter G.  I love the Alter G!

Karen Oleksa

KOleksaMy experience with Rapid Rehabilitation has been four-fold, including – therapy for muscle loss, strengthening, preparation for total knee replacement surgery due to arthritic damage and therapy following the two surgeries. My surgeon was very impressed with the result of the physical therapy on my left knee surgery and was able to order the right knee surgery in a three month period.  In each case I felt as if I have been treated as one of the Rapid Rehabilitation team.  It was a joint effort — the staff and Dr. Barber cared for both physical and emotional needs, as I too did my part to reach my goals.  I have recuperated from the surgery of my knees, and am once again involved in my Garden Club activities, Hospice patient volunteering and traveling to visit our children and grandchildren.  I am thankful to have been under the excellent care of the therapists at Rapid Rehabilitation.

Helen Jones

HJones3HJones1I experienced excruciating pain due to Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD).  For over two weeks I could not even open my mouth far enough to  get a fork in, so along with the pain, eating  was almost non-existent.

Upon calling my dentist, he recommended Rapid Rehabilitation.  I had therapy, both massage and dry needling twice per week for several weeks and they were able to extend my jaw range of motion and decrease my pain to a tolerable level.

HJones2When it was decided that they had done all they could for my condition, they honestly told me so and gave me exercises to do at home.  While I understand that TMD can occur at any given time and reoccur at any time, I am so grateful for the relief I found at Rapid Rehab.

The staff is wonderful, the facility is clean and bright and the doctors are so knowledgeable.

Thanks to all for your caring and compassion.

Rachel C.

RachelCI did not know what to expect when my doctor recommended I attend physical therapy for pelvic floor treatment.  I was so relieved to find out that I would not have to work with a male therapist on such a personal female issue.   I was also pleased to learn that all treatments were done privately and not in a typical physical therapy gym environment.  Most of the treatment sessions were done while I was in regular clothes and all of my treatment was very discreet.  I always felt comfortable asking my therapist questions regarding my condition and the therapy process.

I am so grateful that my pain is much less and therefore I am able to function much better on a daily basis.  I continue to pursue my goal of becoming a mother.






I was a patient at Rapid Rehabilitation in Front Royal for about one month.  They treated both of my legs for lymphedema.  I had daily treatments (6 days per week) as they monitored ulcers, swelling, and pain levels.   My leg was cleaned, moisturized and bandaged every day.  After the leg / foot girth measurements became consistent, my therapist measured me for a garment / support stocking which I must wear daily to manage my lymphedema.  I am very pleased and satisfied with the result of my lymphedema treatments at Rapid Rehab.

Jennifer Youngelman

jYoungelman1Rapid Rehab’s physical therapy program has allowed me to finally get back to doing what I love and renewed my hope of becoming a professional dancer. Before coming to Rapid Rehabilitation I felt discouraged because of my lack of progression after my surgery.  Now I can without a doubt say I am not only a new dancer but also a new person. I have realized that having success in physical therapy requires the balance of both your drive and consistency along with what is given to you. My ankle is now stronger than it’s ever been and I am dancing hours upon end with little to no pain. Dr. Morales and the rest of the staff at Rapid Rehabilitation have been wonderful in providing me with exercises and care that has led me to be the dancer I’ve wanted to be.  Thank you.JYoungelman2

Truman Paul

TPaul2ITPaul1 feel very fortunate that I was referred to Rapid Rehabilitation after I injured my right shoulder during police academy training.  I had experienced some weakness in that shoulder since a football injury in high school.  Rapid Rehab aided me in keeping strength and mobility in my injured shoulder while I had to use a sling for 4 weeks, then after surgery to strengthen my shoulder. TPaul3 I was actually able to match the flexibility and strength of my uninjured shoulder.  I recommend Rapid Rehab without any reservations for your physical therapy needs.  Their team of professionals worked with me to achieve my goals.    I am looking forward to serving the people of Prince William County.

Ms. Vaught

VaughtI started having tingling and burning in both feet with pain going up my right leg.  The pain traveled upward towards the back of my thigh.  I went to see my primary care physician and he diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy.  He referred me to Rapid Rehabilitation.  I thought, “Now how is therapy going to help with this?”   I went to Rapid Rehab and they used cold laser and the Rebuilder.  Within 4 visits I hardly had any pain, tingling, or burning in my feet and very little in my legs.  I am very thankful for the care I received at Rapid Rehab and felt like the therapists clearly explained the process as I was going through treatment.  I would return to Rapid Rehab for any future needs.


MichaelI have been attending physical therapy at Rapid Rehabilitation for about 7 weeks.  Over the course of that time my PT, Shelley, has tried several types of therapies.  An effective method has been using kinesio-tape.  It provides isolation to various targeted muscles as well as simultaneously stretching an affected area.  Since using the tape, my range of motion has increased in my right arm and the pain/discomfort associated with the contracture has significantly improved. I am able to use my right arm and shoulder more throughout the day and I have never had this much range of motion since my accident! I am very happy with Rapid Rehabilitation and my outcome thus far.  I plan to continue taping after my therapy with Rapid Rehab. I have overcome a lot with their help and I will continue using the tape to push myself to maintain optimal functional mobility.                                    

Mrs. Brenda Patteson

“While on vacation I developed severe positional vertigo.  Upon returning home I was prescribed medication which helped, however after several weeks the vertigo continued.  During a physical examination my doctor was able to induce the severe vertigo symptoms and immediately referred me to Rapid Rehab for physical therapy treatment.  As soon as Dr. Jessup started treatment my symptoms began to subside and by the 3rd visit the vertigo was gone.”

Cal Coolidge

“The folks at Rapid Rehab brougCCoolidgeht me back from crying pain after herniating a L-4 disc in the spring of 2013. Dr. Beamer focused first on getting me stabilized and out of the ridiculous pain so I could start strengthening the muscles supporting my spine. She got me back on the golf course by June even though I had to play one-legged golf as we waited for full recovery. When it became obvious that we needed more than PT alone she worked hand in hand with the surgeons at the Virginia Spine Institute. She followed a consistent plan pre and post-surgery to help me recover nearly all the strength I had lost in my left leg. We still have work to do but I am playing pain free golf on two legs and have the handicap back down to a respectable 5.2.  I have told friends and family that Rapid Rehab is the best when it comes to designing a plan and helping you execute your recovery.”


“I recently was diagnRobbieosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome associated with plantar fasciitis.  I went to Rapid Rehabilitation to have physical therapy treatment for these conditions.  The treatment I received at Rapid Rehabilitation was very professional and also very client oriented.  My treatment by Dr. Barber was a successful and pleasant experience because of her professional expertise and her caring focus.  This treatment, which was enhanced by a supportive staff, provided a good outcome and a very positive experience for me.”

John Wertz

“Thank you to everyone atJWertz Rapid Rehabilitation for making me feel like a new person. Honestly, it’s as if you saved my life. Before the program, I felt like the disease was taking over my life and that I had little to no incentive. I have not fallen in over a month, which is a record. The week before starting treatment I fell twice. My wife and friends tell me that my walking, balance, and attitude are much improved. Overall, my range of motion, strength, and endurance are bigger and more enhanced.  My entire attitude has changed and that has greatly affected my life in a positive way!  I am so happy I went through with this program.”


“It’s a real treaAlext that I’m finally at the second degree Black Belt level and that I maintained the discipline and commitment to get there. I’ve overcome some things. I know my limitations, what I can and cannot do , and I try to push myself to overcome those limitations. My aggressive therapy at Rapid Rehabilitation has helped me maintain my physical abilities and delay inevitable future surgeries.”

Judy Julian

“I had arthroscopic meniscusJJulian surgery on both knees at two different times.  After my second surgery, physical therapy was recommended. Dr. Barber performed several treatments of ASTYM on my knee.  There was a very slight bit of discomfort but it really felt good afterward.  When I returned to Dr. Kemp, who had performed the surgery, he could not get over the difference in my knees.  The one that Dr. Barber worked on showed a marked difference.  There was no sign of a scar and the area was smooth.”

Jessica Stockton

”The recovery process is reJStocktonally emotional and frustrating, especially for an athlete, because initially you cannot exercise. You feel isolated from your family and friends during the times you have to stay in a quiet dark room.  My advice to others rehabilitating from a concussion would be to not rush back into activities.  Thank you Rapid Rehab for your patience, guidance, and support through the post-concussion recovery process.”

Eileen Isola

“I arrived at Rapid Rehab in the early weekEIsolas of my still on-going treatment and recovery from breast cancer. My bilateral mastectomy & reconstruction surgeries had not gone as hoped and planned.  Dr. Barber and the entire gifted RR team had a veritable buffet of challenges: scar tissue, pain management, frozen shoulder, muscle and nerve damage, and overall trauma to name but a few. Aggressive treatment from an endless array of options has brought me incredible pain relief, physical mobility, emotional comfort – and restored my active lifestyle. I am forever grateful beyond words.”

Al White

“I am very thankful for physical tAWhiteherapy and the care I received at Rapid Rehabilitation. It has not only helped me physically, but also mentally. I never thought I would achieve my goal of trading my walker for a straight cane. I am thrilled that I have returned to driving and am now able to be more active in the community which were both goals of mine.  I found the care there, not only professional, but also personal as I feel like we are now friends.”

Beth Rogers

“I was referred to Jeff SwiftBRogers at Rapid Rehabilitation for PRRT (Primal Reflex Release Technique).  My rheumatologist felt this approach would be beneficial for treating my fibromyalgia.  The chronic pain, fatigue, and mood issues were preventing me from participating fully in life.  I had no idea what to expect, but Jeff explained PRRT to me and made me feel very comfortable. After just a few treatments, many of my fibromyalgia issues had calmed down!  This enabled Jeff to continue to work with me combining more traditional physical therapy with PRRT to treat my hip, neck, shoulder, and back problems. I am now functioning better, missing less time from work and family activities, and participating in my favorite exercise-yoga!  Jeff’s attention to detail and personalization of therapy is unsurpassed. I highly recommend him and PRRT as an integral part of a treatment plan for Fibromyalgia. I sincerely appreciate the friendly and personable staff at Rapid Rehab!”

Kevin McKannan

“In February 2014KMcKannan, I suffered a dislocated fracture of my left patella, along with a torn medial retinacula. In short, I ripped my kneecap away from my leg, which required surgery. I am a very active 40-year-old who serves as a JAG in the Virginia Army National Guard and I work out several times a week, both strength and endurance training. Needless to say, I went from being very active and mobile to being, by my standards, somewhat immobile and inactive. When it was time to start physical therapy after my surgery, Rapid Rehab was recommended by a physician friend. Choosing Rapid Rehab was, by far, the best decision I could have made to rehab my knee. Their friendly, caring team of professionals took the time to analyze my injury, listen to my fitness goals, and set up a plan to achieve those goals. Their incredible knowledge about injury rehabilitation, combined with their methodical approach to exercise progression has enabled me to strengthen my knee and get back to the active lifestyle I enjoy. I am back to working out several times per week, and am on schedule to take my Army Physical Fitness Test, which includes a 2-mile run, by the end of the year. I know for a fact that I could not have done it without the professional team at Rapid Rehab.”


“Early in 2014 I suffered a hip injury.Hannah I was competing in track and running distance events. I noticed a sharp pain in my hip every time I ran and it eventually got to a point where I could no longer run. It was recommended that I go to Rapid Rehabilitation and I am so thankful that I did. Their staff is very welcoming. It was discovered that the muscles in my hips were very weak and this was causing my hips to collapse inward during exercises involving impact, such as running. My physical therapist gave me exercises targeting the specific hip muscles that were compromised; such as toe taps, clamshells, and eventually box jumps. As I began to improve and the pain became less, my therapist designed a specialized running regiment tailored to my needs. I am now up to my desired running pace and distance. One aspect I loved about this whole journey with Rapid Rehab was the fact they analyzed and then told you what was happening and what caused it to occur. I am now running again along with completing a normal strength exercise regimen. My goal is to compete in indoor and outdoor track this coming season. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to work with Rapid Rehab and I would definitely recommend them to anyone! Thank you for helping me get back to chasing down my goals!“

Anne Bacon, MD

My physical therapy experience at Rapid Rehab was exceptional.  The evaluation was thorough and comprehensive and the staff was friendly and professional and listened to my concerns. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rapid Rehab for your physical therapy needs.

Mary Ellen Welch

mary_ellen_welchMy name is Mary Ellen Welch. I fell at work and suffered a bicep tendon tear to my right arm.  After surgery and being in a sling for 6 weeks, I came to Rapid Rehabilitation to regain use of my right arm.  While in the sling the nerve in my elbow became pinched and not only did Dr. Beamer have to work on my arm but my elbow and hand.

My experience at Rapid Rehabilitation was wonderful. From day one Terry worked to fit my appointments in with my schedule.  I trusted Dr. Beamer and worked to meet her expectations as she made every attempt to bring my arm back to 100%.  The staff oversaw my exercises and was always encouraging especially when I complained about the bucket of rice.  They were always willing to explain the purpose and mechanics of the exercises to make sure I was doing them correctly.  Matt, assistant to Dr. Beamer, worked on the muscles that had tightened up to help me extend the movement of my shoulder. I have now met my goals to have complete use of my right arm and am pain free.  I use my arm for everything I need to do but especially to drive my new red truck.

Kent Coons

kent_coonsI had a complete shoulder replacement on March 7, 2013. After having my new shoulder in a sling for 30 days, I picked Rapid Rehabilitation in Front Royal VA for my physical therapy.

Rapid Rehab has been very nice to work with and seemed interested in helping me with my recovery. They had my new shoulder working well during my six weeks of treatment. I played a full round of golf at the end of the six week therapy. Many thanks to Rapid Rehab for their in house and home exercise instruction.

Christine Kerns

christine_kernsScleroderma has caused issues for me in everything I do. The inflammation affects the strength and range of motion of my muscles and joints.

I see Dr. Beamer when I need help to reduce the stiffness that builds up insidiously over time. She is able to loosen scars and increase my motion significantly in a matter of weeks. I am given home exercises to sustain me for months before I need to see her again. Without periodic physical therapy, I could develop contractures and become immobile.

I appreciate the warmth, understanding and skill of everyone at Rapid Rehabilitation. What could be an awful experience is made much easier by the expertise and humanity of Dr. Beamer and her staff.

Janice Neitzey

janie_neitzeyMy doctor referred me to Michelle Beamer at Rapid Rehab due to her specialty in spine treatment. This was my first experience with physical therapy and I wasn’t sure how they could help my hip pain. Dr. Beamer explored all possible sources of my pain and decided that it was indeed coming from my spine. She was able to perform her magic with repeated side glides and extension exercises. I’m now pain free and can walk up hills and climb stairs with ease.

Thank You.

Jamie Jordan

jamie_jordanMy job requires me to lift 150 lbs. After my back   injury, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to return to full duty. Dr. Barber assured me I would leave in better shape than I was before my injury.

The staff at Rapid Rehab, while maintaining a safe environment, taught me the importance of stretching and core strength, and came up with ingenious ways to ensure that I could utilize proper lifting techniques back in the work place.

After 4 months of patient, caring, professional, encouraging and supportive therapy, (physical, mental, and emotional), I walked out of RR having lifted 150 lbs. 10 times.

Michael Ridley

michael_ridleymichael_ridley2In 2009, I was diagnosed with lymphedema. Over the next three years I endured painful treatments and spent thousands of dollars, but to no avail. I had even been told there was “no solution” for me. Finally, in late 2012, I was told about lymphedema treatment offered at Rapid Rehab. I had doubts initially, but after my first visit I had some relief and became hopeful! It was amazing to see the decrease in swelling from day to day. Today, I no longer suffer from itching and breakouts and I am finally able to wear a pair of blue jeans again! My wife and I will always by indebted to this group of truly caring people.

Barbara Patton

barbara_pattonMy name is Barbara and I am diabetic. For the past 7 years I have dealt with neuropathy and heel pain in both of my feet. I recently changed podiatrists who suggested Anodyne therapy as a proactive approach to address my foot pain. I was excited at the possibility of walking without pain in my feet and I decided to give it a try. I had Anodyne therapy at Rapid Rehabilitation for a few weeks before I was issued a home unit. I now walk without pain. Getting my Anodyne therapy at Rapid Rehab was the best decision I have ever made.  Thank you Rapid Rehab and Anodyne.

Wayne Johnson

wayne_johnsonI had a pretty badly banged-up right ankle and associate muscle/tendons which said “ouch” when I walked. Various treatments, like ultrasound, produced an immediate improvement. Progressive series of strengthening, stretching and mobility exercises rapidly rehabilitated (Note THAT) my leg, improved my posture and made regular walking easy. Additionally, I stopped falling! My ‘regimen’ here in Argentina has included exercises and much, much walking on uneven surfaces.

Regardless of treatment or how I felt, the staff at Rapid Rehab was always delightful, good-humored, supportive, and actively concerned with patient health.  The relaxed and friendly behavior of the Rapid Rehab staff is a major part of the rehab process.

Catherine Whitmore

catherine_whitmoreI started at Rapid Rehab following two surgeries for my broken foot and ankle. They had me walking in no time. I could even drive my stick shift which thrilled me! The bones healed, however I had persistent swelling and pain. Fortunately, Dr. Beamer considered my medical history and discovered that I was missing lymph nodes from a surgery 19 years ago, which  was causing the swelling. Following treatment for this condition, the swelling and majority of the pain resolved! If it were not for her being so thorough, I would never have healed completely.

The staff at Rapid Rehab truly cares about their patient as a person and has become an extended family to me.

Donnelle Oxley, Photographer

donnelletestAfter developing a serious case of plantar fasciitis towards the end of 2012 I chose the highly recommended and respected Rapid Rehabilitation for my therapy.  During the time I went to the Winchester Office for treatment I found the staff to be extremely professional and helpful. Dr. Barber, in particular, has a high rate of cure for my problem so I was very hopeful of a positive outcome. Thankfully the treatments worked and my foot is now back to normal. I am very appreciative of the care and concern shown by the RR staff and of Dr. Barber’s expertise in getting rid of the plantar fasciitis.  I was fortunate to have chosen them.

Gene Ullger

4-Mr Ullger sawing woodRapid Rehab you are simply great!  Expertise, enthusiasm, empathy, patience – it’s all there.

Many thanks to you all. I don’t groan (or hurt) so much anymore, and Michele’s hip is vastly improved.  With the exercises and therapies you taught us, we anticipate a much more comfortable life. The best part is, surgery is not such an immediate, foregone conclusion.

You and your staff are a great credit to your profession, once again, thank you!”

Scott Fournier

scottftestI have had migraine headaches since I was a child.   I have been treated using medications, orthodontics, mouth guards, chiropractic, psychiatry and years of general massage therapy and deep tissue work directed on the neck and back.

My clear benefit has been in the significant reduction to the number and severity of migraines that previously were becoming an overwhelming damper on my ability to focus, achieve and enjoy life in general.  Also, headaches were an immediate deterrent to working out on a regular basis so the reduction in headaches has led to a more consistent work out regiment, more consistent release of endorphins, better metabolism, lower relaxed heart rate and general sense of calm.  In a nutshell, I’m a happier fella and feel like a better parent and husband and business man.

Mitch Morris

morristestPhysical therapy helped me get back into the game faster! Physical therapy made me aware of my body’s limits and how to correct my alignment. With the right exercises, I can block harder and run faster without getting hurt. I’ve been playing sports for 7 years and with only one visit to Rapid Rehab they found the issue and improved my game

Jane M Parrish

parrishtestI only came twice prior to my back surgery but it was so helpful to receive detailed instruction and printed examples of how to function after back surgery as well as some pre-op exercises I needed to do.  I was well prepared.  I am pleased to say that the surgery was successful and while I still have some numbness I am out walking with one of my best friends, Ginger, every morning.  The doctor felt I recovered quicker than any of his patients and has released me after only 3 months.

Samantha Willoughby

willowbeighI experienced terrible episodes of vertigo that greatly impacted my mobility.  I was unable to sleep, bend down, and sometimes even walk.  This made it difficult for me to perform daily activities such as teaching students and even caring for my own family.  Treatment administered at Rapid Rehab helped me to quickly experience relief and to regain the ability to perform such daily living activities.  I am so grateful to the staff at Rapid Rehab who showed such compassion and professionalism when treating me.  Their extensive knowledge of my ailment brought me such comfort.

Timothy Gelinas

gellinasOn October 25, 2011 I ruptured my right patella tendon at work while living in Pennsylvania.  My rehab began two months post surgery at a facility near my home.  After moving to Winchester the following May I continued therapy at Rapid Rehab.  The difference in approach to my recovery was profound.  They had a greater focus on treating the cause of my slow recovery and not just focusing on the symptoms as before.  Rapid Rehab addressed these issues aggressively and greatly expedited my recovery.

Andrea Gladden

breastcancer2Physical Therapy at Rapid Rehabilitation changed my life – or should I say helped me to keep my life.  In 2008, shortly after I turned 50 years old, I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer.  After 8 rounds of chemo I underwent a radical mastectomy with reconstruction on my left side.  A couple of months after my surgery I realized that I was unable to straighten my left arm.  I started physical therapy at Rapid Rehabilitation.  They explained that the fascia in my arm (due to the surgery) was like a bowl of spaghetti and would need to be “untangled”.  They used ASTYM, a technique that uses a molded plastic tool to comb out the fascia. I was skeptical, but after just one treatment I had significant relief.  Three months later I was on the road to recovery.  My husband and I planned a trip to Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario for the following summer, but in February 2010 I dislocated and fractured my left shoulder in a snow tubing accident.  I was devastated and thought the trip would have to be cancelled.  So back to Rapid Rehab I went.  On my first visit I was asked what my goal was for recovery.  I said that I would like to keep my plans for the backcountry trip.  We had seven months.  With excellent treatment and lots of hard work I was able to take the backcountry trip, complete with canoeing and portaging (backpacking) without any problems.  MANY thanks to Rapid Rehab for helping me to reach my goal and for getting me back to the activities I love.

Dr. John W. Ghramm, GYN

grahamMy most recent treatment with Rapid Rehab was to learn exercises for my neck pain. Attention to detail and personalized instruction helped me to overcome the pain in the left side of my shoulder and neck. I try to perform the exercises several times a week and some of them daily. The Spino-Med Brace, over time, improved my posture and lowered my back discomfort. I am more aware of my back muscles and abdominal core. I can’t say therapy helped my tennis game, but I’m still playing!

J. Frederick Walk, M.D. (Retired)

walktestFollowing total knee replacement surgery 2/12/2012, I fortunately discovered and experienced that RAPID REHABILITATION practices all of those qualities consistently (with the addition of several licensed techniques which are not available elsewhere in the Winchester/Front Royal area).

Importantly Rapid Rehab adds two vitally important qualities: (1) genuine personal concern for each of their clients from doctor through to the secretary; and (2) repeated encouragement to practice the advised therapy exercises.

These qualities I am sure were largely responsible for my rapid return to full mobility and strength which allowed me to return to the golf course five weeks postoperatively instead of the “at earliest” twelve weeks as had been predicted cautiously by the attending orthopedic surgeon.

I endorse without reservation this group of doctors, therapists, aides and clerical staff known as Rapid Rehab.

Dr. Gerald J. Brown, DDS

browntestThe first weekend of March I sustained an injury in my left calf from overtraining for my upcoming race.   Barely able to walk with more than a limp, I called Rapid Rehabilitation to see if they could help me.   After only three sessions of “dry-needling” the week before the marathon, and with only a single thirty minute light run between the injury and the mid-April race, I successfully completed my seventh consecutive Boston Marathon under four hours.   Now that’s what I call Rapid Rehabilitation!!

John Morrison

JohnFor a time, I was a frequent flyer member of Rapid Rehab. Seemed that a motorcycle injury, chronic neck problems, an SI joint and some knee problems conspired to make me think I would have to build my own wing at Rapid Rehab.  In reality, not having been back in almost five years, I now realize that the treatments I received were rapid, professional and effective. I remember asking Sue and Sherisue if I’d ever play golf again. They assured me that there was nothing standing in the way. It encouraged me so much to work with them and each time I finish 18 holes, sometimes without any ibuprofen, I thank God and then Rapid Rehab.

John Morrison, Winchester, age 56

John T. Solenberger, Jr

solenbergerI came to Rapid Rehab due to severe pain in my left shoulder / neck.  Dr. Barber diagnosed the problem coming from my neck referring pain into my shoulder.  After a few dry needling procedures, manual massage therapies and stretching / mobility exercises to improve my posture, I am happy to say that I am completely healed and pain free.  I would highly recommend Rapid Rehab for any pain related issues.  Dr. Barber and Dr. Curfman and their staff have been extremely helpful and effective in dealing with my pain.


John T. Solenberger, Jr